Know your brand to grow your brand

Branding is about creating value through communication and design. It is about clarity, consistency and distinctiveness.
And it mandates perseverance
The challenge
Changes in business, strategy, leadership or staff; the need to serve different stakeholders, markets and targets…
It is easy to lose oversight and focus for a unified direction of your brand and business.
Our solution
Brand vitality scan
A systematic analysis of your brand performance
Our Scan gives you the necessary tools to assess your brand, point it in the right direction and provide tangible insights to activate a change within your organisation.
Leading questions
Is your brand identity future-ready and supporting your strategy?
Is your brand consistent and efficient throughout all touch points and applications?
How we do it
Linking creative purpose with operational efficiency
Experts in branding and multinational corporate environments. Combining design, communication and technology.
Experts in operational and technical brand implementation and roll-out. Customised brand management solutions.
Full insights from a strategic, design and implementation point of view.
Our Process
Our process Our process
Throughout the process our findings are benchmarked against trends/developments in branding.
Understand your current brand vitality level.
Identify areas of opportunity for your brand identity, management and implementation.
A future ready brand identity that supports your business strategy and success.
Efficiency in brand management and implementation in terms of costs, process and resources.
Small investment, huge added value
What we do:
  • Desk research of your brand identity and application
  • One-day (on-site) interviews with stakeholders
  • Analyse outcome and develop the Brand Vitality report
  • Conduct (on-site) kick-off and Brand Vitality session
What you get:
  • An insightful scan of your brand and competitor landscape
  • Your Brand Vitality rating
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Advice on cost savings, process improvements and tooling
Our offer
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